twenty-M - Company Profile

Our concept equals your advantage

Only commercial real estate that is bustling and well-used has value. But much existing real estate in Germany sits empty, is run-down or is "abandoned construction" and is left to decay.
The are numerous reasons for this - but the result is always the same. In addition to destroying value, unused properties often affect their entire surroundings and even diminish the value of neighboring properties. While an aggregate value of several billion euros of real estate go unused, in Germany alone between 30-90 hectares of open space are lost to new buildings and associated traffic areas every day.


Redesign is our passion

Office twenty-M specializes in the redesign of high-quality office real estate. All of the properties we have revived to date have been reinvigorated with extraordinary success after remaining unused for long periods of time or languishing in a condition that - even in the estimation of real estate professionals - made economically meaningful use appear impossible.
But with realistic vision, good ideas, determination and drive, all commercial properties acquired by Office twenty-M are given a new and economically sound future. Our comfortable buildings become a magnet for our customers after undergoing fundamental renovation and optimization.